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Literature and Lectures by Edith Packer, George Reisman, and Others

Noble Vision, a novel by Genevieve LaGreca

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Noble Vision is a medical suspense novel that delves deeply into the conflict in medicine today between private care and state control. The story portrays David Lang, an innovative New York neurosurgeon on the brink of a medical breakthrough. He has pioneered a revolutionary treatment to repair injured nerve tissue. His procedure involves new drugs and surgeries that must be approved by CareFree, New York’s state-run health system. However, the system is beset by cost overruns and other, politically motivated priorities, so the surgeon cannot get the approval he needs. His frustrations peak when Nicole Hudson, a beautiful ballerina whom he has been admiring from afar, is tragically injured—and a perfect candidate for his new treatment. The story presents a gripping account of a brilliant doctor trying to cross a new frontier but getting caught in a bureaucracy that fosters conformity over independent thought and innovation. 352 pp. Hardcover and paperback.

 Noble Vision is fiction with philosophical depth. As a novel, it offers a riveting plot, flowing prose, intense conflicts, and a surprise ending—pure entertainment. As a lively duel of conflicting ideologies, it gives an insider’s look at the profound struggle confronting us today between private care and socialized medicine. If the current health care system has ever left you feeling frustrated, helpless, and afraid, Noble Vision will tell you why.

With degrees in chemistry and philosophy, Genevieve “Gen” LaGreca has worked as a pharmaceutical chemist, business owner, and health care writer. She lives in Chicago, where she is completing her second novel.

 Advance Praise for Noble Vision

Noble Vision is a wonderful literary achievement. An extraordinary hero, a tender love story, a fascinating medical discovery, and an intense family conflict are dramatically interwoven in a plot that surprises and delights.”

Edith Packer, JD, PhD, psychologist

“A gripping story superimposed on the realities of today’s threats to quality medical care. It’s a great novel, even without any medicine in it. However, this remarkable book also demonstrates the dire results of medical decisions made by non-medical bureaucrats and power-hungry politicians. It is filled with truths of today.”

Edward Annis, MD, Past President, American Medical Association, and author of Code Blue

“The defects of government-controlled medicine are dramatized effectively in this page-turning story of the love of a brilliant physician for a beautiful ballerina who becomes his patient.”

Milton Friedman, economist and Nobel laureate

“...[Noble Vision] captivated me from beginning to end. Its grim vision of the near future—or is it the present?—of medicine is all too accurate. Can a few men and women of principle turn it around? One must have hope.”

Jane M. Orient, MD, Executive Director, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and author of Your Doctor Is Not In

“Salutary tale of what can happen to medical breakthroughs if Big Government claws even deeper into our health care system!”

Steve Forbes, President and CEO, Forbes magazine

“A beautifully crafted and completely engaging novel. I read it in one sitting. It made me want to stand up and cheer!”

James Vawter, MD

“Genevieve LaGreca has given us an intriguing novel about how unintended consequences of good intentions can have a devastating impact on the healing professions. Unfortunately for us, Noble Vision, while a novel, comes too close to describing today’s reality in medical practice. As such, it should serve as a wake-up call to free medical practice from the heavy hand of government.”

Walter E. Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics, George Mason University and author of All It Takes Is Guts

“A fiction reader’s delight! Noble Vision has villains you will despise and heroes you’d love to meet. Add intrigue, betrayal, romance—you’ll be captured till the end and long for Gen LaGreca’s next novel!”

Karen Tierney, MD

Noble Vision is a suspenseful tale of one surgeon’s heroic struggle to save his work and the woman he loves. It inspires us to search inside ourselves for what we know to be true—and to seek the courage to live by it. Intertwined with her gripping plot, the author presents a convincing repudiation of the presumed benevolence of socialized medicine. Truly a story for every patient and every physician!”

Beth Haynes, MD


New Novel Noble Vision Brings Philosophy Back to Fiction

 “It’s fiction with philosophical depth,” says Chicago author Genevieve (Gen) LaGreca about her ambitious first novel, Noble Vision. With degrees in chemistry and philosophy, this former pharmaceutical chemist and writer in the health care field combines a riveting plot with a lively duel of conflicting ideologies.

The story depicts two intriguing characters—Nicole Hudson, the lovely ballerina of the NY stage whose career is shattered by a tragic accident, and Dr. David Lang, the neurosurgeon who is determined to restore her health no matter what price he must pay. The trouble is that Lang’s revolutionary treatment—a new way of regrowing injured nerve tissue to cure paralysis and other neurological disorders—is rejected by New York’s state-run health system, CareFree, a bureaucracy bogged down in budget overruns, red tape, and political corruption. The story presents a gripping account of an innovator trying to cross a new frontier but getting stifled by a bureaucracy that fosters conformity over independent thought.

Asked what moved her to write Noble Vision, the author replies, “After years of working in the health care industry, I can’t help but feel as if I’m witnessing the slow death of something great, something that shouldn’t be allowed to die—America’s gold standard of medicine.” Why fiction? “Ever since I read Gone With the Wind at age 13, I’ve been enthralled by sweeping novels that capture a historic moment in an unforgettable way. I wanted to tell the story of what’s happening in medicine today—how it, too, could be gone with the wind—through the emotional pull of fiction.”

As innovative as its surgeon-protagonist, Noble Vision breaks the mold that encases much of today’s fiction. In an age in which plot stories and character studies, not to mention romances and thrillers, appear in distinctly separate categories of fiction, and far-reaching themes are rare, Noble Vision delightfully combines a rich mix of story elements in one satisfying read. The novel was a finalist in the Houston Writers League Manuscript Contest.


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