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Reisman's Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism 2.0, on CDs, in mp3 format.

A Treatise on Economics

George Reisman

The Clearest and Most Comprehensive Contemporary Defense of the Capitalist Economic System Available

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Literature and Lectures by Edith Packer, George Reisman, and Others

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George Reisman's Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism
Version 2.4
90 hours of lectures on 10 CDs, in mp3 format. The equivalent of more than 108 academic hours and 7 units of  academic credit.

Price: $249. Includes shipping worldwide.


  The program wallet.

George Reisman

The Program Wallet The CDs.

Reisman's Capitalism is the world's first and only comprehensive, in-depth defense of the capitalist economic system that was written with use as a textbook in mind. Here, in Version 2.4 of his Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism, it is accompanied by over 108 academic hours of Reisman's lectures (a twenty-five percent increase in lecture content compared with the original version of the program.), lectures that are the equivalent of more than 7 credits at a college or university and that powerfully reinforce major portions of the text. In this new version, the lectures have been converted from audiotapes to mp3 format and fitted on just ten handsome CDs. It may be possible to obtain academic credit for this course of study. One student has done so at the University of California at Berkeley.

The content of each CD is described in detail under Reisman's Lectures. The nature of the program is described in detail in its Introduction.

The Capitalism text is also accompanied by over 1500 essay-type study/review questions prepared by Dr. Reisman and now, in Version 2.0 of the program, also by over 2500 short-answer questions, as well as by the syllabi and syllabus supplements he uses in teaching from Capitalism in his university classes, and by a specially prepared program syllabus that integrates his book and tapes with extensive readings in the works of Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, the earlier Austrian and classical economists, and others. Version 2.0 includes for the first time Dr. Reisman's 1983 Jefferson School series "Essentials of Capitalism" and nine new individual lectures, most of which were delivered in 2001-2003 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute's Mises Summer University. The new version also offers for the first time the original 1976 series "Inflation and Price Controls," from which the two series "Inflation and the Quantity Theory of Money" and "The Government Against the Economy" were drawn, and remedies the rearrangement of lecture material and resulting loss of integration that the division of the series entailed.

Were you to attend one of today's private colleges or universities, you would probably have to pay approximately $1000 per credit. What you would be taught, even at the philosophically best schools, would almost certainly be largely a set of collectivist fallacies, based on a text such as that of Samuelson, or some academic clone of Samuelson. Here, for a fraction of the cost, you can obtain the clearest, most logically consistent, and intellectually powerful exposition of sound economic theory and defense of capitalism and economic freedom that is available anywhere in the world at the present time. The price—extremely modest in view of what is offered—is $344 for the most complete program option, i.e., the option that includes both the hardcopy and the CD of Capitalism. (Sold separately, the components of the new, 2.0 version of the program have a total price of $609.55.)

If you have or plan to have any kind of intellectual career, not only as a professional economist, but as a writer or journalist, as a teacher of philosophy, history, literature, psychology, mathematics, or any of the natural sciences, at whatever level; if you are interested in politics, whether as a potential candidate for office or simply as a voter who wants a serious understanding of the issues; if you are a businessman who wants to know how to defend himself and his company from scurrilous attacks; if you are anyone who wants to know what he is talking about when it comes to matters of politics and economics, this program is a necessity for you.

The program is available with two options.

Option 1: Lecture CDs Alone. If you already own Capitalism and do not wish to buy a second copy, you can buy merely the complete set of CDs, for the price of $249. (

Option 2: Lecture CDs plus hardcopy of Capitalism. If you wish to add the hardcopy of Capitalism to the lecture CDs, the price is $344. We'll include a copy of a CD of Capitalism at no additional charge. (Regrettably, the CD does not run on versions of Windows after XP,)

Add the program to your shopping cart, indicating which of the options you prefer.

The lecture program without Capitalism, which you already own. Price: $249. (For California residents, a 7.75% sales tax applies to the $249 purchase price.)

The lecture program and the hardcopy of Capitalism. Price: $344. The CD of Capitalism, which regrettably, does not run on versions of Windows after XP, is included at no additional charge. You pay the $249 price of the program and the $95 price of the hardcopy. Price also includes shipping and handling worldwide: FedEx Ground in US (except to PO Boxes, AK, and HI). For California residents, a 7.75% sales tax applies to the $344 purchase price.



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