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Reisman's Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism 2.0, on CDs, in mp3 format.

A Treatise on Economics

George Reisman

The Clearest and Most Comprehensive Contemporary Defense of the Capitalist Economic System Available

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Literature and Lectures by Edith Packer, George Reisman, and Others

Noble Vision, a novel by Genevieve LaGreca

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  • Ludwig von Mises's Human Action in pdf, courtesy of Bettina Bien Greaves and Laissez-Faire Books

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Expanded Offerings

TJS is happy to announce a major expansion in its offerings.


Expanded Offerings--First Step

What makes possible both our sale and an expansion in our offerings is our participation in the Associates Program. Henceforth, we will supply most of the titles we have carried from outside publishers by means of referrals to We will receive a sales commission on purchases of these items that are initiated at our web site, and for all other purchases at on the same visit to its site. (Thus, for example, if you click on the link to  that appears next to our description of von Mises's Human Action, we will receive a commission not only on your purchase of Human Action but also on your purchase of anything else you buy on the same visit to Amazon's web site, such as, perhaps, an Agatha Christie detective story.)

Since we will no longer have to carry a physical inventory of the items we list from outside publishers, we are in a position to greatly expand our offerings, if Amazon carries the item (which it usually does).

Our first major step along this new path is to have breathed electronic life, as it were, into George Reisman's bibliography that appears at the end of his book Capitalism. We've converted the bibliography into an Adobe Acrobat™ pdf file in which almost every entry now represents a live link to's offering of that item. Thus, for example, when you come to the entry for Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, all you have to do is click on it and you will be transported to the precise location on Amazon's site where The Wealth of Nations is offered for sale. In this way, we are now able to offer almost every book listed in Reisman's bibliography. (The few cases in which this has not been possible are indicated by the entry's being preceded by an asterisk.)

To take advantage of this arrangement, it is necessary for you to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader™. This is a very useful program to have in any case, and it can be downloaded, without charge, from Adobe's web site, if  you don't already have it. Clicking the Adobe logo below will take you exactly where you need to go on Adobe's site to download the program.


Once you have the Adobe Reader, you can switch back and forth between Reisman's bibliography and the Amazon site. To return to the bibliography from the Amazon site, you can click on your browser's back button. Or you can go to our top frame and click on the words "Replace the frame below with Capitalism's Live Bibliography." Once you've returned, you can then click on another entry in the bibliography, see if you want to buy it at the Amazon site, and then come back once again to the bibliography. When you're finished with the bibliography, you can restore our home page simply by clicking on the words "Restore Home," which also appear in our top frame, on the left-hand side.

Please note: We urge you to make your purchases from TJS and your purchases from Amazon separately, i.e., do not have an open TJS cart at the same time that you have an open Amazon cart. If you go back and forth putting items into your cart at Amazon and others into your cart at TJS, the odds are you'll duplicate some of your purchases at TJS. You can correct for this, of course, by removing items from the cart, but that's cumbersome. So please be sure to keep your purchases at the two sites separate. You can always go back for another buying session if there's something more that you want and forgot to purchase before.

The preceding point should be observed in connection with the four items in the bibliography that appear under the heading "Pamphlets by George Reisman." They are supplied by TJS, not